There’s a different kind of “nip to the air” in the desert during the early morning hours and there’s a different kind of heat when the clock hits four in the afternoon.

I continue to be amazed by people from all walks of life. During my meanderings through town I’ve had the pleasure to run into the same woman on several occasions as she does the same. We started chatting and traded a few stories and she said she likes to try to get in at least three miles a day so she feels like she’s accomplished something.

The woman is retired, she taught school for about 60 years.

The woman is 92 years old…

She said her goal was to make it to 95…

I guess the sun rises earlier and sets later for some folks more than it does for others.

The other day I ran into her at the local library and she smiled at me and said “How’s it going Grandpa?”

I haven’t felt so young in a long, long time.

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