I am two. I climb out of a dumpster and am up on the edge. I am dressed neatly. None of the trash or garbage is sticking to me. I jump down, entirely confident that I can land on the earth, even though the dumpster is three times my height. I land easily. I wake up.

I am falling in the sky. Free falling. I am not the only one, I can see others. This is planned. We have parachutes to deploy, and can steer where we will land. It is sunny and gorgeous. Very little wind at the moment. There are snow capped peaks and lowlands with fields laid out like patchwork. People are deploying their chutes and I am thinking about where I will land. I see that another woman has landed on the closest peak in the snow. I am a little worried about her, so I am heading that way. She knows what she is doing but we aren't dressed for snow. I am wondering if she deployed a little late for that high a landing so I am heading to check on her....I wake up.

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