Maxime leForestier is essentially the French version of Cat Stevens. His songs contain the same type of mellow acoustic guitar work and soothing vocals that made Cat Stevens famous.

Maxime leForestier was born on February 10, 1949 to an English father, and a French mother, who had spent a great deal of time living in England.

In 1954, at the age of five, he began to learn the violin like his older sister, Catherine. Both siblings were gifted musicians, and in 1965 they formed a duet, Cat et Maxime. The duo released four super-45 singles this year, and one the following year.

The duet ended in 1969 when Maxime had to do his mandatory military service. Catherine took this opportunity to release her first solo album, L'amour avec lui. Maxime released another super-45 single this year.

In 1970, Catherine released her second solo album, Au Pays de Ton Corps. In 1971, Maxime released two singles that would appear two years later on his first album. The singles were Mon Frère; Education Sentimentale and San Fransisco; Ça sert à quoi.

Maxime's first two albums were released in 1973. Both albums were self-titled, which led to the confusion of certain fans. Maxime went on to release 23 albums total, many of which were self-titled. His most recent album is L'Echo des Etoiles which was released in 2000.

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