An actor who had a brief run of popularity from the late 60s into the mid 70s, starring in blaxploitation films. Noted for his silky voice, precise diction, and unique brand of cool, he unfortunately faded into obscurity, although was resurrected for a cameo role in the Def Jam produced How to be a Player.

Some highlights from his career include The Mack, a post-SuperFly look at street justice and pimping costarring Richard Pryor, and the hippie odyssey Psych-Out, featuring a pre-stardom Jack Nicholson. Also of note are the rumors that Julien was being considered for the role of Marsellus Wallace in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, a choice that most likely would have radically altered the role from the gruff and overt menace of Ving Rhame's performance, to a smoother, more subtly dangerous crimelord.

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