Maurice Vellekoop was born in 1964 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the youngest of four children. He is a professional illustrator and cartoonist, with a European style, and his illustrations are colourful, and light. He works with felt pen and watercolour, and is inspired by photography and comic strip art. In his ullustrations, he explores fashion and sexuality. A large part of his creation is homoerotic, and sexually charged.

From 1982 to 1986, he studied at the Ontario College of Art in Communication and Design, then worked for many North American editorial publications, and producing book illustrations, design work, and contract work.

Maurice Vellekoop regularly publishes comics in Drawn & Quarterly, and he is represented by Reactor Art & Design Limited. Vellekoop has won several Gold & Siver awards for the Art Directors' Club in Toronto.

Along with two other artists, Fiona Smyth, and Roxanna Bikadoroff, he is working on a new comic book, "Fabulous Babes".

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