While the Grey Fergie or TE20, petrol/parafin fuelled tractor may be considered to be the iconic design classic that made the horse redundant, particularly for such features as Harry Fergersons newly invented 3 point linkage for implement attachment. The unsung hero that set the precedent for real robust usefullness has to be the 135.

Production began in 1963 and yet despite extraordinary popularity ended in 1975 .The Perkins P3 three cylinder diesel produced 45hp in a manner that had a guttural and yet harmonious quality.

On the road it had a top speed of 24mph! This was unprecedented with most of the competition barely managing 20.

Whether or not it was to your taste this tractor set a standard in style. It was a logical progression of improvements from previous models that like many many vehicles reached a peak that was never really bettered. Newer models merely grew more frills such as comfortable cabs that did little to improve their usefullness.

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