b. 1885 d.1980
American author best known for her three classic children's books: My Friend Flicka, Thunderhead, and Green Grass of Wyoming.

These three novels are coming of age stories about a boy, his horse and family, and the relationships he develops with them.

Her books have been published in many languages and became the basis for several movies and a television series.

Born in New York, O'Hara moved to California with her first husband in 1905. She worked as a screenwriter during the silent film era.

She moved to Wyoming in 1922 with her second husband and this became the setting for her three popular novels. She divorced again in 1947 and returned east where she spent the rest of her life.

Books by Mary O'Hara

My Friend Flicka (1941)
Thunderhead (1943)
Green Grass of Wyoming (1946)
Let Us Say Grace (1930)
The Son of Adam Wyngate (1952)
Novel-in-the-Making (1954)
Wyoming Summer (1963)
A Musical in the Making (1966)
Flicka's Friend (1982) autobiography

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