Martine Stig (Nijmegen, 1972) is a young Dutch conceptual photographic artist. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag. In her work she focusses on the unexpected visual aspects of ordinary things.

One of her works involved setting up a camera and flash equipment in a couple's house and asking them to photograph themselves after having sex. In the resulting series you see ruffled, glowing couples, pupils dilated (or not).

Her most recent book documents the investigation of a foreign city (Bombay and New York) by a set plan. She would go to to a major park and followed the first person (dubbed Mr. Wood) with a newspaper to pass after 12 noon as far as she could. The next day she would proceed to systematically imagine an occupation for the man and investigate that. After a week of proceeding with such exercises she had investigated the city in a way one normally wouldn't.

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