Martiena R. Richter is self-taught scratch board artist born in the Netherlands who immigrated to a farm in northwest Missouri when she was six years old. She is prolific and talented at her craft and her usual focus is on wildlife.

Here is a quote from her about why she uses scratch art to depict wildlife:

"Capturing animals and their unique personalities in the exacting medium of scratchboard engraving is my joy. With a sharp knife I engrave the texture and intricate detail of my wildlife subject. Then with a brush and watercolor I add an exciting dimension of color. The resulting colored engraving is the perfect medium for me to express the beauty and wonder of nature."

And she expresses it well. As you'll see when you visit the website, which is listed below, the level of richness, beauty, and reality of her work is astounding. You can tell from the detail that she has a firm grasp of the subject matter, as well as a keen interest in it.

For more information on her and to view some of her beautiful work, visit

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