Character played by Chow Yun Fat in John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow" and Tsui Hark's "A Better Tomorrow III". A killer and a counterfeiter, Mark was always called "Mark-gor" (literally translates into "Big Brother Mark") by his friends and colleagues, the closest one being Ho (played by Ti Lung). Woo had fashioned the character after Alain Delon's in "Le Samouraï".

"A Better Tomorrow" and the Mark-gor character became so popular in Hong Kong that practically every young man emulated Mark=gor's style of wearing a duster, donning sunglasses, and chewing on a toothpick or match. The role revived Chow's sagging career and launched him into the movie stardom stratosphere.

Unfortunately, Mark-gor was killed in a blaze of glory at the end of "A Better Tomorrow" but the Tsui Hark's prequel revived the character.

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