Most of us probably know her as Veronica from Clerks. Veronica is the pretty girl with kinda big front teeth who brings Dante Hicks lasagna. She also has sucked 37 dicks as of clerks. Veronica not Marilyn!

Although she is much more famous nowadays, she still works as a licensed hair dresser in New York and according to her "still struggling to pay the bills like everybody else".

Aside from Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Alan Rickman, pretty much most of the cast of Kevin Smith movies seem to be more "real-people-like" than those from other movies that made it big. Which is just one of the many reasons why Kevin Smith movies rock! Of course it just seems so, or at least to me, doesn't really mean they are as ordinary as we all are. Oh wait, I just remembered, we're all unique and beautiful.

She is ,imho, a very capable actress and I surely would pay to see her in more movies in the future.

"something like, uhmmm, urty six"

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