There have been four family lawsuits since my sister died, the latest one challenging my father's will.

His will was written in the 1970s when I was 18.

It took me a year of grieving and introspection before I understood why he chose not to change it. And he was handing me the bag and I am tired. As soon as I read it, I thought I would be sued.

My mother's will was the same and he was the executor, 13 years before he died.

We am approaching the fourth anniversary of grundoon's death. I have tried to be patient with the family, allow them to grieve, allow them anger and denial and bargaining and I have hoped for acceptance.

But it is amazing how stubborn people can be about beliefs with no evidence, even in the face of judicial rulings.

My maternal family can earn PhDs. However, they do not have emotional intelligence, nor kindness, nor can they admit a mistake.

Farewell, with love, with forgiveness, but forgiveness is not reconciliation. Do not stay in an abusive situation and hope that it will change. Four years is enough.

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