Work: Has been going fairly well. I still enjoy what I do, I'm still meeting a lot of neat people and I'm starting to see results from some of the relationships I've been managing. Things have been slower than they were. While I wish they'd pick up it has given me an incentive to work harder and to find ways to work smarter. I stumbled into something the other day that I almost wish I wouldn't have. A while back someone called asking for a discount.

To give you some background we have three full time people in my department. Four customer service representatives help us out on a part time basis. The woman who wanted a discount is married to one of the senior podiatric partners, she has the power to negotiate and I didn't find out until later that her account had been assigned to a customer service rep.

Comparing two people or even two women can be difficult, I had reservations about my department allowing the customer service reps accounts of their own primarily because the training wasn't there, I knew it would not be a long term deal and they chose two people who are neither perceptive nor intuitive. Growing an account takes someone with vision and the woman who lost an account to me does not have it.

I'm not losing sleep over the fact that her account is going to me. I don't like how it transpired becauseI have lost accounts and remember the sting of what feels like rejection. Anyone who works with an accounts should be assigned a numbers like the sales reps have. This is the obvious solution however at the company I work for sometimes the obvious solutions do not get implemented for the very good reason that it would annoy people or cause someone discomfort, the politics at that place are amazing but you have to take the good with the bad.

To switch gears for a moment I have made some progress on the health and wellness front. I have felt marginally better after feeling absolutely horrid for an unspecified amount of time that I believe was two weeks or so. I went to see my nurse practitioner, she ordered some more tests and bloodwork. I have a new insurance company so it will be interesting to see how much of all that is going to be covered.

A lot of times I write about certain situations which I think is my way of trying to work through things. The situations are not the real problem, they will come and go, what I want is resolution to related problems that I have seen or will see in my future. I think our company is spreading ill will amongst its employees by failing to recognize that there are going to be hurt feelings when people lose accounts. Furthermore if all of us are tripping over the same people to get to one person it makes us look inefficient and disorganized which in this one case we are.

At the end of March management is going to give me a bonus. The way my department works is we sort through all of the accounts we have, we start at the bottom and work our way up. Our first calls went to the accounts whose business had decreased the most. Personally I don't think we have been doing this long enough to merit a performance based incentive. I can demonstrate that my influence has had a positive effect on specific accounts but I have not developed good working relationships with a good deal of the accounts housed under my name.

Today my supervisor lost a twenty-thousand dollar account. They don't care about the money, they are actively turning patients away and that is why my department is so critical. Because of some of the new rules and regulations governing the world of therapeutic shoes you as a dispenser/provider can get into trouble with the government if the Primary Care Physician who treats your patient for diabetes refuses to cooperate with you which is neither right nor fair but that is the rule.

There are quite a few other things that I would like to write about however they don't seem to fit in with the rest of this writeup. I had a so-so weekend although my Monday went surprisingly well. I have a dream, I can see visions of where I want to be in the future and it seems as if I am very, very slowly making some progress towards meeting some of those. Mostly my changes have been attitudinal although some of them can be attributed to increased physical well being.

My car, my bed, the bathroom and the sauna are the four places I go to for solace. This past weekend I added a few drops of grapefruit oil to my bath. I had a similar bad experience with a sample of shampoo a corporation sent, my back was red, blotchy and felt as if I had been severely burned where the hives were. Citrus is out of my diet and off of my skin for good. By now I should be used to cleaning out food and products but I always see dollar signs going into the trash with tear stained tissues.

It could always be worse but at times like that I think about how much better my life could be which is where I want to be going with it. People don't know what I go through, I'm not minimizing anyone else's problems but this is real and greatly interferes with my life on every level. I could write more but now I've gotten most of the major things out of my system. I'd like to write something other than a daylog soon however I never know when I'm going to be feeling up to anything so thanks again for hanging with me.


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