I passed the CBEST!


I'm doing classroom observation in a really awesome school that's so positive and upbeat with wonderful teaches who make me wish I was a highschooler again, just so I could be their student!


My credential packet (something English majors only have to do. It's basically a series of essays to show off our writing chops) is due in a week and I'm not done yet!




In which I give you the opportunity to get your name in an urban fantasy novel

So we're gonna have a contest. I'm giving away the opportunity to get your name plugged into an urban fantasy novel by an award-winning author. 

Many of y'all know our fellow noder Lucy-S -- better known to the rest of the world as author Lucy A. Snyder. She's won two Bram Stoker Awards, and she's getting better and better known within the horror and urban fantasy communities as one holy heck of a writer and storyteller.

She's written a trilogy of urban fantasy novels, all of which I've reviewed on my blog -- SpellbentShotgun Sorceress, and Switchblade Goddess. She's turned to Kickstarter to fund the fourth book in the series, and it's looking really likely that she's gonna blow the roof off the funding goal, if she hasn't done so already. 

So what's the fancy-dancy contest about? Well, I picked out the funding level that lets Lucy "name a character (or spell, or place, or something else in the book) after you." That's all fine and dandy -- but I don't want to have anyone named after me in a book. Frankly, "Scott Slemmons" is a bit of a stupid name, and it's weird enough that you can't see it in a book without it being obvious that, hey look, that's the Kickstarter reward. So instead, I'm gonna let one of y'all have it. 

Here's what you have to do. First, go kick in at least $10 on Lucy's Kickstarter. That's enough to get you the e-book version of her new book. You'll have to show me proof that you've pledged -- a screenshot of the confirmation email from Kickstarter will do fine, or from any Kickstarter pages that highlight what you've backed. If you've already backed her, you don't have to add more money -- just show me the screenshot of what you've already pledged. 

I'll take all the names, stick numbers by 'em, and stick 'em in a random number generator -- or I'll roll dice for 'em. Anyway, the totally random name selected is the one I'll submit to Lucy to be included in the novel. Of course, you can specify your spouse's name if you want, or your dog's, or whatever. I won't let you submit anything painfully stupid like I.P. Freely or Michael Hunt or John Suckmy-Wang, 'cause I'm classy, yo. 

Also, I want to limit this to just my friends here on E2 and on Facebook -- and a few who don't use Facebook who I'll let know about this by email or Twitter. So if your cousin or your boss or that one horrible person from high school who you still can't believe you ever accepted that stupid friend request kicks in a tenner for the project, well, that's nice, but they're not getting in on the contest. 

HOWEVER, if one of your friends kicks in ten bucks, and you send me a screenshot showing me what they donated (plus proof that you know them -- screenshot of your friends list with them circled or something, or a photo of the two of you together), I'll enter *your* name a second time. So getting your friends to donate improves your chances of being selected. 

Please remember that there's no guarantee you'll come off well in the book. Your name might be attached to a good guy or a bad guy. You might be a passing schmuck in the grocery store, you might get magically turned into a turnip, you might get butchered by Satanic donkeys. You might be a place name, or the name of a magical item or spell. It's all up to Lucy, and she has an evil imagination. So BEWARE LEST YE FACE DOOM, MONGERS OF DOUCHE.

We'll run this 'til April 13th, when Lucy's Kickstarter is finished. 

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