The Apolcalyptic dreams remain interspersed over time. 


I assume the dream flow now in a large glass atrium, perhaps 3 stories high.  In the distance through the ceiling I can see the continuation of the building and the surrounding cityscape.  An azure sky with streaks of white, some greenery.  Inside the atrium is a large fountain providing background noise for a slowly churning group of people on their way to and from wherever.  There are benches along the edge of the corridor that I am in.  Amid the relative calm suddenly an enormous explosion rocks the structure and I can see the source of it through the ceiling, a large dome section in front of me is billowing fire and broken glass into the sky.  The shock wave passes through, breaking the ceiling glass on its way towards me.  I can feel the explosion wave pass through me, tightening my jaw muscles and my scalp, blowing me back a few feet onto the ground among debris and other shouting, shocked people who begin to piece together their new reality.  There are people running away from the source of the explosion, but among them as well is a team of military dressed men equipped with grenades and machine guns, gunning down any survivors as they comb through the hallway.  I quickly roll under the bench, pulling a few bodies on top of me as well in order to play dead and possibly avoid detection.  The men with guns run right past my hiding spot, shouting orders and continuing to fire on every source of movement.  I can feel my blood rush in my ears as I pant, sweating, beneath the newly dead.

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