Had an early start to the day, 6am is early for me.
Started early, so I could finish early and go to a meeting/interview with my possible new boss.
It could be the industry that I'm in, or I could be just getting older, or I've stopped giving a damn, but my job interviews are generally just a friendly chat, which is probably what it's supposed to be, but people (on either side) might just make a big deal out of it. I always go in as myself, I don't lie, I don't pretend I'm better than I am, I look at a job, and tell them what parts I'm great at, what parts I haven't had much experience in, and what I'm useless at. I'm not really ambitious, so I'm not going to oversell myself for an extra few $k a year, and then bust my balls trying to live up to the BS, I'd rather take $5k less and go at my own pace.
This might sound like I'm a spoilt overpaid brat, but I'm not, I've been underpaid for a long while, and only just getting close to the average national salary, I just never cared about money, and always figured I could go just go bush if society pushed me far enough.

Now that I'm getting married (This was never in my hobo/nomad plan) I have to worry about money. If I knew I would have to worry about money, I would've pushed a little harder when I was 17 and would have been on this kind of salary 20 years ago, I just always figured I'd end up in a shack in northern Queensland somewhere eventually, so why bother paying attention to society. Like most pseudo-intellectuals, I was too busy solving the world's problems instead of my upcoming ones.

I never liked money, I was brought up in Moscow during communism, so that might have something to do with that, I won't go into that tonight, but until recently, I've always blown/threw away/spent/gave away/wasted/shouted/gifted any extra money I had. I sometimes feel a little bad, but mostly, it was worth it (in my mind), because I was sticking it to the man (in my mind).

I always knew that it wasn't quite as simple, and that the only way to stick it to the man is to be a millionaire or a hobo, or what is now known as digital nomadism (not really possible back in my days).

As always, I digress, but I always do, to try to make sure that people don't think I'm a complete nincompoop for having silly ideas back in my days (and now), some thought does go into those, but I disregard society and do what I do, even if it does/doesn't land me where most people think I should land.

Back to the job, it's mostly something that I've done before with a few very technical parts (big part of the job) that I would have to learn very quickly. Much more pressure, much more stress, and probably a lot more of waking up in the middle of the night with a "Oh.. @#$k, I missed something". I get to learn a few more skills and not really manage people, as I was expecting, so if I can get 20k extra, I think it's worth it, especially since these 20k would be pure savings (since I can survive at the moment as is). I've been in the industry about 10 years, so if this doesn't work out, I shouldn't have any issues finding a job, since there aren't that many of us, but the pay does tend to be below average.

Before I got engaged I was considering buying a few bushy hectares, paying them off in 2-3 years and then just sending everyone as far as I could to not be seen again for a long while. My twice-removed-third-uncle (I'm horrible with these family terms:), my mum's cousin, was recently found in the Russian forest, he took off about 30-40 years ago, turned out he did some work away from home (after a tiff with the family), his documents were taken by the employers (without which you can't do much there), so after he got fed up with them, he decided to walk home. After a thousand kms or so, he found an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and just lived there for 20 years by himself. He was found by some students, who helped track down his family and after a little while, they were reunited. Last I heard, he started speaking again and putting on some weight.

I had one thought, lucky bastard! - not to have been found, but to have lived away from all this nonsense.

I've only done a couple of camping weeks by myself, and I'd see people here and there, so it's not quite the same, but damn it was good!

So I guess this is the usual prisoner of society or another brick on the wall kind of a rant, though given the circumstances, I guess it's warranted, since I'm going to let the man have this battle.

Fucking money.

This rant made me not want to take this job

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