A group of super-powered assassins appearing in Marvel Comics. The Marauders first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #210 in 1986.

Nathaniel Essex, the villain named Mr. Sinister, had for many years traced the genetic lines of human mutation in an effort to control the destinies of mutantkind. Sinister decided that the mutant outcasts designated the Morlocks needed to be eliminated from the mutant gene pool as he considered them useless. To this end, Sinister hired the mutant thief Gambit to gather a group of dangerous mutants together, though he did not reveal to Gambit his ultimate mission for these agents. Gambit did just that and Sinister sent these agents into the tunnels underneath New York to kill the Morlocks. Gambit watched in horror as his fellow mutants were killed, but was unable to do anything to stop their killing. Gambit fled, carrying with him the horror of his part in the massacre.

The Marauders killed many of the Morlocks, but were opposed by the X-Men, X-Factor, and Thor. Though a number of their members appeared to have died, Sinister had taken cell samples from them and was able to clone them and they continue to be his agents. During their slaughter of the Morlocks, the Marauders also injured a number of the heroes that opposed them. Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat all sustained injuries that were life threatening. X-Factor member Angel was captured by the Marauders and was pinned to the wall by his wings. The damage done to his wings eventually led to them having to be amputated.

The members of the Maurauders are:

  • Arclight: Super-strong female mutant whose power causes a flash of bright light when she strikes something.
  • Riptide: Mutant with the ability to spin at an super-speed and produce from his own body spikes and shuriken made of bone that become deadly projectiles.
  • Harpoon: Mutant with the ability to transform metal harpoons into pure energy keyed to a particular mutant's energy signature causing instant death if they are struck.
  • Scalphunter: Mutant with superhuman tracking ability and armed with an incredible array of high tech guns and assorted weaponry.
  • Scrambler: Mutant whose touch causes super-powered individual's powers to flare out of control and distrupts machinery and electronic devices.
  • Malice: Mutant who exists as a bodiless consciousness (manifested as a choker on its victims) with the ability to possess people. It possessed a number of different heroes including Dazzler and Polaris. Its possession of Polaris caused her to be trapped in Polaris's body for a time.
  • Sabretooth: Mutant killer with advanced healing factor, razor-sharp claws, and heightened senses.
  • Prism: Mutant with a crystalline body that reflects energy attacks directed at him back at the user
  • Blockbuster: Mutant with super strength
  • Vertigo: Mutant with the ability to disrupt the balance center in her victims.

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