Manguzy is Very close to the boarder to Mozambique, in Kwazulu Natal,(Maputaland) South Africa. The coastline offers lots of activities including snorkelling, swimming, fly-fishing and turtle tracking.

Manguzi Hospital, a little rural hospital, 5 hours drive from the nearest town, is the small yet self sufficient hospital in Manguzi.

There are many wonderful walks and sights to see all around in the area. There are over 340 species of birds, including the rare Palm Nut Vulture which can be seen in the nearby Raffia Palm Forest.(great whole day walks.. just don't get lost!!)
If you have never seen a hippo or crocodile up close, the Kosi lakes are a beautiful place to go 'motorboating'.
Once we spotted a crocodile up a tree!!! (this is true!)

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