by Yoric
Malacoda, Evil-Tail
Demon's laugh and sinner's wail
They whip the shit down in the pit
No chance, no hope, all fail

Your tears all fall a'freezin'
As Satan wracks your brain
Your sins were all the reason
He'd need to give you pain
And for you he's waiting
He's scheming tempting baiting
We all will fall the same

Malacoda, Evil-Tail
Demon laugh! and sinners wail
You shit they whip
You lost your grip
Musicians falter, fail

So now unfolds the answer
Lend me an ear, attend
The fires lick, they're callin'
The damned are broken, crawlin'
We all are fallen, fallin'
Your soul is spent, transcend

Malacoda, Evil-Tail
Demons laugh as sinners wail
For tempest tos't
The game is lost
Musicians falter, fail

Inspired by Dante's Inferno

Malacoda (which translates from Italian to "Evil Tail") was a demon in Dante's Inferno who led the Malebranche, which was a band of demons in the Malebolge, or eighth circle of hell. Malacoda is described as being a huge blackened shape with spread wings and spikes upon both shoulders. Impaled on the spikes are sinners, and Malacoda grasps the sinews of their feet in either clawed hand.

Upon seeing Malacoda fling down the sinners to his band of demons, Dante's guide tells him to hide and not to worry, no matter what happens. Dante hunkers down behind a jag, and his guide challenges the demons to let them pass. Malacoda comes forward to meet his challenge, but cannot face him down, and commands his demons to let the guide and Dante go by.

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