I was looking around and couldn't find how to make a parachute. Already knowing myself, I felt it would be nice to pass on the knowledge. A parachute (sometimes called a lung) is a great smoking device for your substance of choice.

What you need for the build:

1) A plastic bottle, 1.5 and 2.25 litre soft drink bottles work well.

2) A plastic bread bag, important that it has no holes in it.

3) Knives, scissors etc.

4) Some form of sticky tape, masking tape works well.

5) A bong style bowl if available, or a 1/4 inch socket from a socket set.

The Build:

1) Cut the bottom off of the bottle near the bottom. If you want to make a smaller one cut more off, it is up to you.

2) Take the bread bag and tape the open end over the cut off bottom of the bottle. You should now be able to push the bag inside the bottle.

3) Take the lid from the bottle and cut a small hole in the middle of it, just large enough to fit the bowl or socket in. If you are using a socket, have the square hole where you put the bud. If you cut the hole to big and have no other lids try using blue tac to get a good seal. This depends on how worried you are about any weird fumes.

4) Screw the lid on the bottle and your done.


1) Push the bag right up into the bottle.

2) Put on the lid and fill the bowl/socket with bud.

3) Light the bud and slowly pull out the bag. This will draw air through the bowl and fill the bottle with smoke.

4) Once the bag is fully out or the bowl is cashed, screw off the lid and inhale in one deep breath.

5) Enjoy being wasted.

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