Magincia (often called Old Magincia to divide it from New Magincia) was one of the principle towns in Britannia in the Elder Times. It was, in it's day, a great center of prosperity and trade from its founding until it's demise at the end of the third age. Magincia became one of the most weathly and famous citites of it's day -- and so prideful were the Magincians that, one fateful day, the entire city was over-run with daemons and every Magincian was killed... save one: A lonely shepard named Katrina.

The ruins of Old Magincia, before it was rebuilt, were still haunted bu the ghosts of those who lived there and so prideful were its citizens that their spirits still claimed that Maginicia was the greatest town in Britannia. A single deamon who remained at the gate of the city proudly exclaimed, "Welcome to Magincia. Proud city of the High Seas."

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