Maccabi Tel-Aviv is a sports club in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Maccabi's most known team is the basketball team. The team has won almost all of the israeli basketball titles. But the greatest achievement a team in Europe can have is winning the european basketball cup. Maccabi has played nine times in the european cup finals and has brought it to Tel-Aviv three times. The first was in 1977. The second was in 1981. And the third time has happened just yesterday (13.05.2001), twenty years later, when Maccabi has won the Suproleague cup after beating Panathinaikos team from Greece.
About 8 thousands of the team fans stormed the streets of Paris (where the finals took place) and celebrated the victory dressed in the obligatory yellow-blue clothes. It was said that Paris hadn't seen that much celebration since the french took the soccer World Cup in 1998.

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