MC Paul Barman is quite possibly the best nerd rapper ever. He graduated from Brown University. He raps about school, sex, chapstick, sex, housemates, sex, other rappers, and sex. He's also name-dropped a lot of semi-famous media personalities in his rhymes, including Krzysztof Kieslowski, Chuck Close, Paul Verhoeven, Jane Pratt, David Foster Wallace, and Denis Leary.

He put out his first 7" Postgraduate Work on his own, and was discovered by Prince Paul, who then collaborated with him on the EP It's Very Stimulating, which he put out on the Wordsound label. His latest release is for Matador Records, it's a 12" called How Hard is That?

The most obvious feature of Paul Barman's work is his filthy mouth, including such choice turns-of-phrase as:

"I'll still be rhymin' when I'm in your hymen"

and "I'm a hunter gatherer/A cunter-latherer/My dandy voice makes the most anti-choice granny's panties moist."

Nonetheless, his rhymes are frequently very clever and his rap usually says a hell of a lot more than your average gangsta. Infectious beats are also a feature of his better songs.

Paul Barman is obsessive about the quality of his rhyming and is reportedly working on a song entitled Hamstergram to Amsterdam.

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