MAPP gas (C3 H4) is a mixture of liquefied petroleum and Methylacetylene-Propadiene. It’s mainly valued for its high burning temperature, producing 2405 BTU/cubic foot with a 5301º F flame temperature.

That’s 2927º C for you non-yanks.

This intense yet stable heat makes it ideal for activities like glass bead making, soldering, brazening, and other flame-hardening needs. It is colorless, non-toxic, and exudes a remarkably distinct yet not altogether unpleasant odor. You freaks out there into inhalants might consider it attractive. *

MAPP gas can be purchased as a liquid gas pressurized at 97 psi and 70º F. It comes in various sized canisters, and is color coded YELLOW for easy identification. Most hardware stores carry it alongside their propane and oxygen stock.

*Do I really need to say that inhaling MAPP gas is a really STUPID thing to do?

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