Metisse: A band (duo) formed in 1997, self-described as "Afro-Irish". The vocal half is Aida, who honed her haunting voice in Ivory Coast and Grenoble, France. The musical half is Skully, and Irish electronica genius.
Why should you care? Well, if you saw The Next Big Thing with Madonna or watch Dead Like Me, you have already heard their most famous song, Boom Boom Ba. the rest of their music can be sampled at metissemusic dot com.

Mé`tis" (?), n. m. Mé`tisse" (?), n. f.[F.; akin to Sp. mestizo. See Mestizo.]


The offspring of a white person and an American Indian.


The offspring of a white person and a quadroon; an octoroon.

[Local, U. S.]



© Webster 1913.

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