A suburban magnet high school of 1700 students part of the Fremont Union High School District located right smack in the middle of Cupertino and Saratoga in Santa Clara County, California.

Physically the school was built in 1969 and made entirely of red bricks. Red bricks after bricks after bricks after bricks. Though the school's undergoing reconstruction, but work has been slow and the red bricks have now been replaced by wood painted white and pastel blue. One of the most entertaining event that has occurred because of reconstruction has been the induction of our brand new bathroom in 2000.

A pair of bathrooms at the north end of the campus was the first remodeling project commenced and finished (it took them a year) and right when it was finished a big deal was made out of the completion with a school wide drawing for two people to be the first to pee in the bathrooms. On the day of the grand opening a tiny rally was called for outside the bathrooms and with the marching band playing on, two Lynbrook students (one male and one female) did their um... "business" and that was that.

As of 2001, the current demography of the school is about 60% Asian, 30% white, and 10% Hispanic and other. There are currently only two black students attending.

Some notable achievements include being the 9th best high school overall in California, being the 121st best high school nationally based on SAT scores and having 80% of the students achieve better than 90% of all other students based on California's standardized testing.

Some notable people attending the school include Vinay Bhat, the chess playing prodigy who achieved his masters ratings when he was just 10 years old. He has also won a couple other world championships and stuff like that and is currently ranked first in teen tournaments. Martin Lee also attends the school, he's ranked highly (first I believe last time I heard) amongst cadet men's division in fencing.

Clubs like FBLA and Key also flourish here. The notable Lynbrook Speech and Debate team (or more popularly called LSD) is also ranked highly state-wide amongst the National Forensics League.

The Lynbrook Vikings Marching Band is also a favored performance group in the various local tournaments and competitions. The last notable achievement by the Marching Vikings was back in 2000 however when they won almost all the trophies possible in the Napa Invitational, including the Grand Sweepstakes.

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