A popular webcomic, created by Jason S. Kim. It centers around Shinsuke, who works in Marketing for a United States division of a large Japanese corporation. He has two friends, Naoko Pak and Shouji Fujiyama. At his work place, there is also a geek named Jeff Kaplan, who is obsessed with coffee and the chicks who work at the coffee place the employees frequent.

Shinsuke has a crush on Krystella Hidaka, who unfortunately already has a boyfriend, named Hideaki Murata, who is a Goth that works for a competing company, Dark Enterprises.

The interesting thing about the comic is that Shinsuke has the special ability to manipulate light. He can create a flashlight-like beam, or if he is sufficiently angry, a ball of light with enough energy to cause things to burst into flame. Sadly, Hideaki, the villain of the strip, also has special abilities, namely the ability to manipulate darkness (which is the most useless ability ever, with manipulating light coming into close second, although "lightsaber"-like swords are commonly made by Shinsuke and Hideaki while they are fighting).

All in all, the strip is very cool (not to mention funny), mirroring Dilbert, Megatokyo, and Comic Books in various ways.

Luminosity Pro can be found at: http://www.luminpro.com.

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