Ridnour is the exciting floor general who plays for the NCAA division one school Oregon (ducks). Ridnour who last year flourished led his team to the tournament and to the confrense semifinals. He ranks among the top in the league in assist to tournover ratio, and 3 point percentage.

Last year he was named Pac-10 Freshman of the Year, becoming the first Oregon player in school history to win that honor. He was also the only Duck to start all 28 games. He also led Oregon that year in assists with 106.

Ridnour grew up in Post Falls, Idaho with parents Rob and Muriel. Luke said "growing up I was the kid who when asked what career i wanted to have i said i wanted to be an NBA player, and the other kids would laugh of course, I dont even think i made the basketball team until eigth grade".

Whether or not we will see Ridnour in the NBA depends on his next year performance. As a senior he will be the selected as the team captain.

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