One of those webpages you love to hate if you use a PC. A place that tempts you to toss a brick through your monitor if you're a fanatical Mac hater. However, if you're really into Apple, this is a great place to go to get much quality discussion of every fine point of Macintosh design you'd ever have imagined. Hardware, software, peripherals and philosophy, they've got it all. And what could be more fun than talking about how utterly stupid, useless, trashy and disgusting "PeeCees" are, and bashing "Micro$ucks"?

The thing that scares me is that there a hundred more pages exactly like this one.

Website founded in 1997 by Dan Knight with the mission to provide a reliable collection of resources for older Macs, starting with the first Macintosh. It features a impressive collection of information for every Mac ever, even the most obscure models, with links to the appropriate sites. Apart from the online resources, it boasts an interesting list of regular commentators, like Charles W. Moore and Dirk Pilat, writing editorials on everything Apple Computer.

Currently getting about one million hits per month, it is one of the most popular sites on the Mac Web, and deservedly so, as it serves an important function for all those owners of machines that are not being supported any more by the official reality, as his Steveness does not believe in retro-computing.

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