A poker variant: just like seven-card stud, except the high hand splits the pot with the low spade in the hole. (in the hole meaning face down. See seven card stud rules for details) Usually just called "Chicago," unless you also play "High Chicago" (high spade in the hole instead of low), in which case you might want to specify. The two of spades is usually considered the lowest spade, but again, it never hurts to specify, since someone might think the ace can be low.

I sort of dislike Chicago in theory, since giving out money on a single card seems un-pokerlike. In practice, however, it turns out to be pretty fun. I think I like it because I'm lazy, and when you get dealt the two of spades down, or maybe the three or four, the game becomes exceptionally easy. Get dealt the two, and all of a sudden you're giving an Oscar-winning performance about how you shouldn't be in the hand, and you're calculating the odds very carefully, because you think you *might* be able to get something good on the draw. Hopefully two people will have good high hands, and you subtlely raise the pot and rake in half of it at the end.

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