This is a song by Ween, from the album Pure Guava.

I'd like to use this song as an example of Ween's crackbaby ideas badly executed on a major label. Somehow, they were able to take a major label like Elektra and release songs that make no sense like this, and as they sing each line, both "brothers" together, sometimes they don't even know what verse they're on.

loving u
thru it all
thick and thin
bad and good
sun and rain
rain and sun

On the "bad and good" line, one of them says "bad and good" and one says "good and bad"; same with "sun and rain." It is totally out of sync and strangely hilarious, and I don't know how they get away with this stuff. Even weirder is that they got away with Mourning Glory.

This song is © 1992 by Ween, Elektra Records (Cassette), © 1992 CD Creation Records (CD).

Pure Guava
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