Nickname, affectionate or sometimes sarcastic used by British actors/actresses. I'm not sure if this is in common usage, I've just seen it used on many BBC sitcoms.
Also, the name of an album by The Lemonheads :


Released in 1990 on Atlantic, some people mistakenly think this is their debut album. This is not the case, as three (Lick, Creator, and Hate Your Friends) actually came before it. The album cover is an photo of a fist aimed at the camera, wearing what looks like a huge emerald ring. The back of the CD case has a picture of the band with Evan Dando in the centre. They are all wearing blue sweatshirts and standing against a cracked, yellow wall.

Track Listing


Differs throughout the album. Ballarat is a fairly hard rocking track, whereas Half The Time is pretty much standard Lemonheads 'mellowness'. The music moves between metal, indie, folk and country. This album isn't quite as polished as, say, Come On Feel The Lemonheads but it has a sort of raw charm. You get the feeling that there's a fair amount of anger driving the music on this, lurking just under the surface. This album isn't as 'poppy' as the ones that followed it, being really quite downbeat in places, but is certainly one of my favourites nonetheless. Sample lyric (from Ride With Me) :

That pencil smile
Reminds me of school
The clock on the wall
I can no longer fool

Time to get in my car ...
Time to trust these old tyres


The Lemonheads, with their multiple line up changes were at this point :
In addition, the following musicians are given credit (quoted directly from sleeve) :

Note that Juliana Hatfield became their full time bassist on the following album.

Other Information

There is a 'secret track' located at 5:40 on track 10. It's basically a telephone call, with a woman talking and singing in Spanish. I can't speak Spanish so I don't know what it's about (Taco Bell is mentioned). She then changes to English, mutters something about her brain and hangs up.
Quoted from the inside of the sleeve :

Produced and mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie.
Engineered by Lou Giordano
Recorded at Fort Apache North
Assistant Engineer : Carl Plaster
Mixed at the Carriage House
Assistant Engineer : Matt Lane

Front Cover Photo : Jesse Peretz
All Other Photos : Dan Estabrook

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