Another addition to the Everything Hymnal

aka "Song of the Wise Men". Always a favorite of my parent's church around Christmas time. It sounds exceptionally cool when sung by an all male chorus. Sometimes nicknamed the "camel song".

~Lovely Eastern Star~

From a distant home, The Savior we come seeking,
Using as our guide the star, so brightly beaming.

Lovely Eastern Star, that tells us of God's morning,
Heaven's wondrous light,
O never cease Thy shining, peace and love to men.
Glory in the Highest to the Son of Heaven,
And upon the earth be

Glowing gold I bring to the new-born Babe so holy,
Token of His pow'r to reign above in glory.


Frankincence I bring to the Child of God's own choosing,
Token of our pray'rs to Heaven ever rising.


Bitter myrrh have I to give the infant Jesus,
Token of the pain the He will bear to save us.


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