Love's Travel Stops operate 185 travel stops located accross the US as well as 66 country stores located in 4 states. Amenities include gas, diesel, and other petroleum products as well as showers, quick service restaurants (fast food) and/or deli, ample parking, scales, phones/phone cards, convenience store, gifts and accessories, game room, laundry facilities, ATM, mail services by USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Love's began in 1964 when Tom Love leased a closed filling station in western Oklahoma. Love's is still family owned and operates from headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Love's Travel Stops made the Forbes top 500 list of companies in 2001, entering at #446. Three years later they have climbed to #188, marking an explosive growth rate.

Love's motto is Clean Places, Friendly Faces and they by and large succeed in maintaining that image. I have stopped at many Love's over the years and I can't recall having a truly bad experience at any of them. They are mainly concentrated in the mid portion of the country but are expanding all the time.

Love's is mainly a fuel, eat and go facility but to their credit they have expended the capital to provide adequate parking for customers or for those who drop in to park and get a much needed nap. Parking is an amenity often overlooked by truckstop operators because, let's face it, parking is not a revenue producing item. Truckers need a place to get off the highway and shut down for their breaks. Many malls, stores, and businesses have put their facilities off limits to big trucks in recent years. The states are increasingly intolerant of truckers parking on highway access ramps, often giving tickets to drivers for using these areas. Hats off to Love's for helping alleviate the parking crunch that exists in many locales.

Love's Travel Stops has a history of participation in charitable events and fund raising for worthy causes. Their philosophy is to help their communities by giving something back whenever possible.

When traveling down the big road, look for that large yellow Love's sign up ahead. It's a sign that you've arrived at a stop that'll help with your needs out there on the highway. Check 'em out and see if they live up to their motto Clean Places, Friendly Faces!


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