Not celebrated as much as other members in his family, Louis I de Lorraine still stood out. He was born October 21, 1527 and he died on March 24, 1578 in Paris, France. He was the younger brother of Francois de Lorraine, also known as Francois de Guise and of the second Cardinal de Lorraine. He became the Bishop of Troyes in 1545, the Bishop of Albi in 1550, and in 1553 he became the second Cardinal de Guise. In 1561 he became the Bishop of Sens but resigned in 1562 in favour of the Cardinal de Pellevee.

On February 13, 1575, he crowned Henry III king of France. A lot of contemporary witnesses either agreed or disagreed with him. L'Estoile called him a merry gourmet, "le cardinal des bouteilles", while Brantome praised him for his knowledge and his good sense in politics, especially in his old age.

Sources: Catholic Encyclopedia

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