A recent EP put out by Matthew Good Band, seven tracks worth of Beautiful Midnight cuts, and some new material, some fairly experimental, at least where this band is concerned. I'll break it down, but here is the track listing:

1. Flashdance II
2. The Man From Harold Wood
3. My Life As A Circus Clown
4. Intermezzo: M. Good v M. Trolley
5. Flight Recorder From Viking 7
6. Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance
7. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

Truthfully, this is some of the better music I've heard from this group so far. It has the same feel, but tracks like The Man From Harold Wood reveal somewhat experimental bits, more interesting than they've done before. It is a completely instrumental track, and one of the best on the EP. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart is a track Matt recorded in one shot, and it is beautiful, aching, all acoustic and the lyrics are amazing.

The entire EP is about 28 minutes long, a little less, one track (four, in fact) is simply Matt attempting to play a little piano song.. it's amusing.

Basically, what you will find here is how much talent and potential this group really has.. production is not extensive or even existent, in some places, this EP is quite raw, and very impressive.

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