The Lord Chamberlain is the head of the Royal Household, has authority over all of its six major departments. The responsibilities of the role require him to chair meetings of the Lord Chamberlain's Committee, advising them as to who is eligible to recieve Royal Warrants as well as handling all communication between the Sovereign and the House of Lords. Before 1924, the appointment was decided by Parliament, but now the Lord Chamberlain is apolitical

The position of Lord Chamberlain dates from the medieval era, when the King's Chamberlain often acted as his spokesman in Council and Parliament. Until 1968 the Lord Chamberlain was also responsible for licensing all dramatic works in the UK, due to the fact that the Master of Revels, who was responsible for Royal entertainment, reported directly to him.

The symbols of office are a white staff and a key, which are carried on ceremonial occasions. The staff is symbolically broken over the grave of a deceased Sovereign, which signifies that the Household is dissolved

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