Revelation of revelations, the other day I was watching the familiar antics of Bugs Bunny and company, when I was struck how much the Looney Tunes mirrors how I often think God relates to the Universe.

Of course, God is the animator, creating this whacked out, sometimes surreal universe. And his act of creation is continuous and evolving -- witness the many variations of landscapes in the Looney Tunes universe, as well as the early Bugs Bunny incarnation as opposed to the later.

And speaking of incarnation and Bugs Bunny: he is, of course, the Christ figure. He constantly endures the attempts at bringing him down by the various villains, and always does so with a wicked sense of the absurd, because he knows that he's going to win the "battle" every time. And those villains? Always comical, because that's how God views the Devil -- a pathetically comical nuisance that will eventually be overcome.

Communication with the "creator" is also something accomplished in both universes: in the land of the Looney Tunes, witness "Duck Amok," wherein Daffy Duck angrily addresses the animator, who plays around with Daffy's animation. In much the same way, not only can we communicate with God, he also plays around with our existence in an oft-humorous manner.

In a typical episode of the Looney Tunes, the situation is established, the characters introduced, the conflict undertaken and resolved, all in a matter of minutes. And there is always a manic, madcap energy that drives it. Such is an individual's existence from God's perspective: brief and madcap, but chock full of colorful characters and unforgettable situations.

And in the end, Porky Pig comes on to function as the Holy Spirit: "Th-the th-the th-the th-that's all, folks!"

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