Daring adventurer and treasure hunter from Square's Final Fantasy VI. (Er... 3 if you're American) He's a member of the returners, and appears near the begining of the game when he and a bunch of moogles rescued a still memoryless Tera from the Imperial troops. When the Empire invaded South Figaro, Locke fought with the resistance to hamper Imperial advances. In escaping from South Figaro, he rescued General Celes, swearing to protect her. When asked why, he replied that she reminded him of someone. Locke is tortured by the memory of his lost love Rachel who lost her memory after falling in a cave while exploring with Locke. She died in an Imperial attack, because Locke had been banished from the village by Rachel's father, he felt a terrible guilt for not being there to save her. A mad apothacary of the village kept her in suspended animation, and Locke has laboured since then searching for a way to revive her. Locke's skills lie in dexterity, being able to steal from enemies and pick locks. He favours dirks and boomerang weapons so that he can attack quietly, or from a distance. Whattever you do, don't call Locke a thief. "Call me a treasure hunter, or I'll rip your lungs out!"

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