Yes, for just US$90 you can have FTD send a live lobster dinner to your loved ones this holiday season. Quite a diversion from the typical flowers or candy baskets that most people think of in connection with FTD.

There is also an actual company called Lobster Gram that will do the same thing, for less. According to their web page at, you can get the critters for $55 for 2 one-pounders to $95 for 2 two-pounders.

Or, you can get an entire romantic dinner with the deluxe package, which includes two lobsters, a cooking pot, shell crackers, a candle and candlestick, a butter warmer, a cookbook, and various other accessories for just $99 + shipping.

If you don't care for e-commerce, their phone number is 1-800-LIVE-LOB

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