Senator from Texas 1971-1993 and Secretary of the Treasury 1993-1994. Bentsen won election in 1970 as a Democrat first defeating liberal Ralph Yarborough in the primary, then beating George Bush in the general election. Considered a conservative, very pro-oil interest politician, in 1988 Michael Dukakis selected him as his Vice Presidential running mate in the belief that this would help Dukakis in the south and especially in Texas. This strategy however, backfired and Dukakis proceeded to lose every state south of the Mason-Dixon line. He did have a memorable debate with Dan Quayle during the campaign in which he said "I knew Jack Kennedy and Senator you are no Jack Kennedy". In 1993, Bill Clinton tapped Bentsen as his Treasury secretary. His tenure was considered rather undistinguished during his two years in the post.

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