He is so much younger than I am, and I can see it in his words sometimes.
But most of the things that pass your lips rival the wisdom of adults,
And I wonder about you often, little wolf.

Why do you wear such jewelry? It all seems to fit into the picture of you,
But I never expected the bangles of you, nor the black mask you say you hate…
I borrowed your music…and you asked me to help you write some
And so I shared my rhymes with you…I can always come up with more, no worries
Because as long as I have a soul, there will be more noise,
And as long as I’ve got noise, I’m fine.

I did not want to wake up to his face…it makes me think things I shouldn’t.
He smiles and holds me close…so it is possible to have a friendship like this,
With nothing ever going to happen to ruin it in the ways of love.
We switch bracelets, he and I, and this is the beginning of something special.
Do you think so, he asked, and I answered, I know so.

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