Every Tuesday and Thursday I descend into the Physics building, armed with only a bucket-size cup of coffee (from the local independent coffee-stand of course) to face three hours of mind-numbing lecture. And every Tuesday and Thursday I walk back to my dorm carrying an empty cup, inviting sad looks and spare change from random passers-by. There is no trashcan by the physics building.
Week after week this went, until I finally applied my state-issued knowledge. Crowd dynamics. Aside from me, there were at least fifty other students giving their cups the campus tour, having nowhere to put them until a good swift walk. Until today.

If I were to put my coffee cup in a prominent corner, others (who would otherwise randomly drop their cup or carry it) would be tempted to leave it there also. Cups and other dry waste would amount to a sizeable heap, the janitors (who are payed for these services) would pick it up and eventually the most efficient way of dealing with this phenomenon would be accepted - a garbage can in front of the Physics building. I would have caused a structural change by directing the masses in a sort of subliminal mind control, a surefire first step to world domination.
All through Calculus I held my coffee cup, void of coffee but full of power, in my hand. Class let out and I rush ahead, dying to be first outside so critical mass is achieved faster. Then I see it, poured concrete with a flattened pyramid top, wide open, black painted corners, grinning at me.

My goal was reached, but it was the road that I yearned for.

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