This is a genus of succulents which consists of little plants with only two fleshy leaves, and roots. They are brown and speckly on top and look a lot like little pebbles, thus the name 'living stone'. They are native to southern Africa where they live amongst pebbles, camoflauged from hungry animals and shielded from the sun. They are also sold frequently as houseplants, which usually die soon after you buy them. The weird thing about these plants is that you CAN'T water them in the winter. During this time they go dormant and look dead and watering them causes them to rot. Usually people see them shrivel up and throw them away. Mine died because they were left outside and exposed to lots of winter rain. If they get just a little water in the winter they won't go dormant, so they will grow an extra pair of leaves and look freaky and mutated.

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