Dub poet and writer Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ) has produced some of the most forceful poems set to music of recent times

He was born in the West Indies in 1952 and moved to England in the early 60's. In the 70's he began writing poetry set to a background of dub reggae. Prior to this no-one had done much other than chanting along to this style of music. LKJ took things one step further and introduced written poetry in the patois of the West Indian Londoner to the young musical form.

His first album was 'Dread Beat An Blood' released in 1978 on Virgin Records. With tracks such as 'Come wi goh dung deh' (Come we go down there) and 'All wi doin is defendin' he immediately established himself as a revolutionary poet for the punk and reggae youth. His poems were often factual, based on actual events. 'Five nights of bleedin' for instance describes the social unrest of the period in Brixton, detailing the brutality of the times.

Incomplete Discography

In Dub, Vol. 2
Tings An' Times
Dub Poetry
In Concert with the Dub Band
Making History
Bass Culture
Lkj in Dub
Forces of Victory
Dread Beat An' Blood

Published Books

Voices Of The Living and The Dread
Dread Beat and Blood
Inglan Is A Bitch
Tings An Times

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