Limeade is perhaps one of the most versatile drinks there are. It is like lemonade, but with lime instead of lemon. Basically, lime juice mixed with water and sugar. There are many ways to enjoy limeade, and I have yet to find one that I prefer.

1. There is the normal, obvious way of simply drinking it.

2. One way for those who want an extreme blast of flavor is to spoon out the concentrate. Can be overwhelming, so be prepared. Fortunately, there is enough sugar in it (usually) so it still tastes great.

3. The most extreme way is as a coating for various foods. The first time I ever tried it was with Coco Krispies (cereal). Just pour yourself a bowl, then cover it with limeade. Sounds disgusting at first, but is actually quite delicious.

The second incarnation of this was with cheese corn. Prepared the same way as Coco Krispies, it tastes just as good.

So, go ahead. Get some limeade, and find new ways to have it.

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