An artist who has been performing in the Boston area. Lily has at least one album, Running From The Sky, published in 2000, with the following songs: The Snow, Mermaids, Spaceship, My Little Diary, Little Red Riding Hood, Slipping, Another Winter, King's Castle, and Dandelion.

I don't know a whole lot else about Lily, but I heard her playing her guitar and singing at the Park Street T stop on my way home from work. If you're not familiar with the Boston subways, know that there are sometimes musicians of all types (and some do not deserve the title).

I find most of these underground musicians to be quite annoying and am not in the habit of paying them much attention, much less paying them the green stuff. And I didn't pay Lily for her performance, because I was so enthralled by her voice I decided to buy a CD, instead.

When I got home and listened to the album, I was struck by its range of different themes...sad, happy, strange. In some ways it reminded me of Jewel. She has a beautiful voice and is cute too... (her pictures are also in her album insert). The song I liked the most was Mermaids...especially this part:

Today I'm supposed to try
To live beneath the clouds
But I can't find my way down
Cause Castles with Wings
And Dragons beyond dreams
Keep my feet from the ground
And I can't let this tear me down
I will not slip into their world...

Cause in my silver sea
She's dancing with the Mermaids...

She's one to watch, in my opinion. In her CD cover she says: "For Booking and other information contact (617)499-4872/"

Go Lily!

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