Actress and screenwriter. Born February 20, 1967.

Lili Taylor is not a "pretty" actress, in the traditional Hollywood sense of the word. You will never see her cast in a big budget film as a romantic lead opposite Ben Affleck or Matt Damon. What Taylor is is an amazingly talented actress that deserves more recognition in Tinseltown. She is one of the most gifted character actors around, having performed in over a dozen films playing everything from a grad student vampire to a religious fanatic with aplomb.

Her screen debut came in 1988s sleeper hit "Mystic Pizza" with Julia Roberts. Since then she's continued to seek out complex characters to which she brings an inner poise and vulnerability. She will be playing Janis Joplin in an upcoming biopic about the performer.

In her spare time she is actively involved in the arts and formed a theater company called "Machine Full".

She once dated actor Michael Rappaport (Beautiful Girls, Mighty Aphrodite, True Romance, Zebrahead, Higher Learning). It is rumored that after their break-up, Taylor had to put a restraining order on Rappaport because he was stalking her. Yikes!

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