How sweet it would be to write so as to inspire feelings of beauty in another person. Ever since I can remember I have been writing music, yet the page sits before me blank and empty as it has ever been.

So I sit here as I get my lame head around the intricacies of everything2 for a uni assignment and ponder the inspiration of others.

One of the most influential artists in my life has been the Counting Crows, and how talented are they!

"I play piano, and I sing like a hummingbird and,
Oh I forgot that, hummingbirds don't sing
it doesn't matter really, you know what I mean"
- Counting Crows, Love and Addiction (unreleased).

No idea where it is is from but Love and Addiction would definately be my favourite crows song. The musical, and lyrical colours shine beyond any other song I can think of right now. I wish I could write like that!

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