I was at work today and realized life has a path to take.

I work as a cashier and in line there was an elderly lady and a mother with her child. The interesting thing was the baby was in diapers, and more than likely so was the aging woman. As I handed the change back to the woman, her hands were so small and they could hardly hold the change. I asked if she needed any help and she told me that would be nice. When it was time for the young lady and her child, I looked at the baby, with the tiny hands and a slight smile and realized the old lady was like that a long time ago.

We all start off small and helpless, in constant need of attention, and as we get older, we just end up the same as when we were born. We go back into diapers, we get weak and become helpless just as we were before. in life we take for granted so many things and one day, when we get too old to do the things we hate now, we wish we were younger just so we could.

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